LTC Rowland Photo

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew L. Rowland

Commander, USAPAT



Major Eric D. McKinney

Det Commander, Pacific Flight Detachment 



Major Adam P. Reynolds

Det Commander, Europe Flight Detachment

1SG Davis Photo

First Sergeant Clarence P. Davis

First Sergeant, USAPAT


First Sergeant Shawn A. Gibbons

Det 1SG, Pacific Flight Detachment



First Sergeant William M. Peden

Det 1SG, Europe Flight Detachment

Plan, Coordinate and Conduct worldwide executive airlift in support of U.S. Army Senior Leaders, DOD Executives, Congressional Delegations and Combatant Commanders

Serve as the US Army Proponency for C-20 and  C-37 Executive Jet Aircraft

On order, employ all assigned aircraft in support of contingency operations within the JFHQ-NCR Joint Operational Area
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